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With Azentek, all over the place becomes all-in-one place.
Every part of a project lifecycle is here.
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With Azentek, all over the place becomes all-in-one place.
Every part of a project lifecycle is here.

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A complete range of accounting services and efficiency tools that give your small to mid-sized company a competitive edge.

  • Business Growth

    Business Growth is one of the imperatives of major corporate decisions. Azentek analyses the organization’s long-term financial strategies.

  • Our Solutions and Services

    Our capabilities run deep — with expertise spanning SAS, SAP, managed services and so much more.

What We Do

IT Services that Maximize Efficiency

Most IT providers will prioritize your problems. And usually, your problem will start with the least experienced person in the building.


Make your business future-ready with our innovative solutions in SAP, Open Source, SAS, Microsoft .NET & more.

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Business Process

We help businesses reach and set performance benchmarks by using tools to identify and fill gaps in their current processes.

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Digital Innovation

From ideation to execution to change management, we’ll help you adopt new technologies and adapt to new processes.

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Connected Workforce

Seamlessly connect your people, wherever and whenever they work, with technology and services that enhance collaboration.

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Services We Do

Azentek strategy has been to engage with industry leaders, in the segments of the retail payments it focuses to offer a variety of professional services. The retail payments marketplace is extremely demanding and less forgiving than ever before. Customers are savvier, oversight is tighter and competition intense.

Software and Consulting Company!

All-in-One Azentek for Indian Businesses!

Easy to use software to improve customer relationships increase sales and much more.

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