Seio mobile apps are collection of small sub processes of ERP Software which run on android based mobile phones. These apps are integrated with Seio ERP System and are fully customizable as per customer need to control and fulfill complex business process requirements. Mobile apps have wide range of applications in manufacturing processes, shop floor porcesses, quality control, data authrorization and critical and compact report viewing.


Mobile apps and web application both can run on smart mobile phone device, then the question arises why mobile apps are more preferred then web application? The answer is simple, web applications are published in web server and run on mobile device using web browser and internet connection; inadequate internet speed, heavy weight of web form and heavy data extraction from ERP server makes web application slow and difficult to use. On the other hand, mobile app reside on mobile phone and internet connectivity is required only to communicate with Seio ERP Software database.


In today’s fast moving world, it is not possible for a man to sit in front of computer every time throughout the day, but he is requires to be in touch with his business every time. Today’s technical era has made this possible for man to have access to his business information while travelling, meeting or partying.


Seio mobile apps connect to ERP Software database instantly and provide you real time information. The application does not required any huge band width and can run using 2G mobile SIM. We are continuously exploring new area where mobiles apps can be used more effectively. Moreover, we have adequate technical knowledge and infrastructure to develop any type of mobile application and integrate the same with Seio ERP or any third party ERP you are using.